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Website accessibility of la Marjolaine

1 - Site policy

web site should be accessible for everyone, including people using technical navigational aids (adapted mice, special keyboards, vocal commands, braille displays, vocal restitution systems, etc...).

If you are unable to access our documents, help us to improve this site. To do so, please contact us using our contact form.

For those who cannot use a mouse, a tab and shortcut key system (defined hereinafter) has been developed to work on recent navigators.

2 - Tools

Shortcut keys
Mozilla Firefox : Shift + Alt + [raccourci]
Internet Explorer : Shift + Alt + [raccourci] puis Entrée
Mac : Ctrl + [raccourci]
Shift + Alt + 0 Go to site accessibility parameters
Shift + Alt + 1 Go to site home page
Shift + Alt + 6 Go to site help
Shift + Alt + 7 Go to site contact form

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